Bersama Bapak Advokat Indonesia, Alm. Bang Buyung

Adv. M. Junaedi, A.Md., S.H., CIL berfoto bersama dengan (Alm.) Bapak Advokat Indonesia, Prof. Adnan Buyung Nasution ketika pelantikan dan pengukuhan pengurus DPP KAI Periode 2014-2019 di Hotel Sultan, 31 Oktober 2014

Adv. M. Junaedi, A.Md., S.H., CIL took a picture together with (the late) The founding father of Indonesian Advocate, Prof. Adnan Buyung Nasution during the inauguration ceremony of the Board of Committees of the Congress of Indonesian Advocates for the year 2014-2019, at the Sultan Hotel, 31st October 2014

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